The authors of the blog, Crypto Mining Blog tested Asic Bitmain Antminer X3 for CryptoNight algorithm so that users know what to expect from this “iron” miner, especially since it comes just a week or two.

Antminer X3, specifications, capable of delivering 220 kilobase computing power in the energy consumption of 550 W and, in principle, it can really achieve these targets. “In principle” because in some pools, including quite popular, the performance of Asika why it is considered wrong.

For example, if you connect and configure X3 on pool NiceHash for the algorithm CryptoNight (not CryptoNightV7), the equipment is connected, but all the balls are rejected, and Hasrat remains equal to 0. So this ASIC does not work on NiceHash pool even after update to the latest firmware. And this is a big minus, because the currency on the old CryptoNight algorithm is not much, and NiceHash pools are the best for mining these coins.

Also, the authors of the blog did a test cryptocurrency Electroneum (ETN) on the pool Nanopool and miner to work, but not as expected. X3 communicates with the pool and produces a coin, but it shows the pool hash rate of around 20 KH/s instead of the expected 220 KH/s. While local miner shows that everything is fine, and the average capacity 235 of kilobases per second. Judging by the forums, in the extraction of currency ETN on other, smaller pools, everything works fine, however, the problem is that Electroneum also plans fork on CryptoNightV7 in the near future.

The next step was tested cryptocurrency Monero Classic (XMC) on the pool, AntPool, and then it worked immediately and without any complaints. In the end, this pool is owned by the company Bitmain, and they need to test their equipment on this resource. The problem is that the XMC is now trading at two exchanges, but at least X3 Antminer works and in a day, you’ll be able to get 1.5-2 coins XMC, which is equivalent to 15-18 dollars.

And here is the table of profitability by cryptocurrencies for X3 Antminer ASIC according to the calculations of the resource WhatToMine.

An interesting option seems the coin is ByteCoin (BCN), which has recently received a surge of interest, it is possible, in connection with the beginning of a new supply of asika.

The results of the tests we certainly don’t like that the hardware doesn’t work with NiceHash and does not work with NanoPool. So, as it was with the announcement of the X3 Antminer, we are unable at the moment to recommend this asik to purchase.