Bitmain has announced a new device line Antminer — S15 and T15. Both miner is equipped with a 7-nanometer chips and will go on sale this Thursday, November 8th.

For the first time Bitmain has announced the imminent release of new models with Antminer ASIC chips of the next generation in September. Today, Bitmain has posted on Twitter some details about the new products:

“We officially announce the release of new miners with 7-nanometer chips with the highest industry hasraton, specially adapted for mining algorithm SHA256. We produce two models: Antminer S15 and T15. On sale from 11/8 [8 November]”.

As Bitman says CEO Wu Jihan (Jihan Wu), one 7-nanometer chip contains “more than a billion transistors” due to the special structure of chip and has a low power consumption. Wu added that the first tests showed that “the ratio of power consumption of the chip to develop low and is 42 A*m2”.

In September a similar machine released one of the main competitors Bitmain, Bitfury. The main difference between ASIC Bitfury devices — the 14-nanometer chips Bitfury Clarke. They are also specially adapted to the circuit of Bitcoin and is able to bring the hash rate up to 12 highesy per second at peak efficiency 55 millijoules per gigaherz.

New Bitmain miners will go on sale in just a week and a half after the announcement of the firmware Overt AsicBoost, which should improve performance and reduce power consumption of the devices.