Manufacturer of mining AT Bitfury Group has launched a new generation of hardware for mining bitcoin. The device is based on the Bitfury ASIC chip Clarke.

As you know, ASIC chip is a component of a hardware device for mining, which provides mining digital currency based on a specific hash algorithm. ASIC devices are not adapted to General purpose use — each has its own characteristics for the solution of specific tasks.

“14-nanometer ASIC Bitfury Clarke is fully fit for mining bitcoin on SHA256. It develops, Hasrat to 120 GH/s with energy efficiency ratio of 55 mJ/GH. The total power consumption when using Bitfury Clarke may not be above 0.3 volt,” reads the description of the miner.

As noted in a statement, ASIC Bitfury Clarke will be sold separately and will be integrated into other hardware for mining bitcoin, including its own mining servers Bitfury Group and BlockBoxes. The company also plans to implement new ASIC in its mining centres in Canada, Norway, Iceland and Georgia.

It is worth noting that in December Bitfury contributed to the run located in Toronto Hut 8, the company involved in mining bitcoin, is a manufacturer of equipment for mining provided the company access to the mining hardware devices, in fact providing everything necessary. In July Hut 8 announced that it has become “the largest company of open type” in the industry in terms of power. As stated, the amount of bitcoins obtained by the company since the start, around 1900.

While sales of hardware ASIC for mining bitcoins currently probably bring its creators not the profit, which they expected reduced demand cost producers of at least 20% of the declared value of the equipment. As reported, the serious problems faced by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and its partners involved in the development of integrated circuits, such as Global Unichip. According to media reports, one of the largest manufacturers of ASIC miners Bitmain may be on the verge of bankruptcy.

Moreover, prices on specialized graphics processors (GPU) are falling on the background of the downturn in the crypto markets. In April OEM 4GB RX 580 six-pack of AMD was sold at a price of $3600, and in July it was available for $2500. Graphics card GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition Nvidia 8GB GDDR5X PCI Express 3.0 sold for $1050, however, in July it was possible to buy for $709.