The crypto currency exchange Bitfinex has launched a new trading platform Ethfinex Trustless on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethfinex Trustless is positioned as a area with a completely decentralized trading model that allows more secure storage and control of users ‘ funds. Despite the decentralized nature, the platform provides high liquidity. The new trading platform is directly connected with the old — Ethfinex. Version Trustless does not require user registration and clearing system “know your customer” (KYC). That is, the user does not even need to provide your name, telephone number, e-mail or address in order to start trading cryptocurrency. The only thing required from the user on the platform is to keep at least one native Ethfinex token Nectar in your wallet.

Ethfinex Trustless supports the following trading pairs: Ethereum (ETH)/ Tether (USDT), OmiseGO (OMG)/USDT, OMG/ETH, 0x (ZRX)/USDT and ZRX/ETH. In the future we plan to add trades in pairs with 40 tokens.

In Bitfinex are sure that Ethfinex Trustless will provide a new level of protection for sensitive data and liquidity in the trade of digital assets. In his post on Medium, the company said that decentralized exchanges typically have specific liquidity problems, and, ultimately, on centralized exchanges can be much faster to buy or sell the currency. However, such shopping sites have a significant disadvantage — they do not give users full control over their funds and be obliged to pass a lot of confidential information. In addition, in centralized exchanges a lot of time is spent on the Deposit and withdrawal of funds, and they are not well protected against cyber attacks, as practice shows. Ethfinex Trustless same combines the advantages of both centralized platforms (liquidity) and decentralized (security).

Exchange Ethfinex, launched in August last year, uses the Ledger purses and MetaMask to provide anonymous trade more than 57th tokens standard ERC20. The functionality of the site in the future I plan to expand by adding, in particular, a loyalty program for users.