Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex temporarily deactivated the function of deposits in euros, Renminbi, US dollars, British pounds and Japanese yen. Representatives of the exchange did not name the exact reason, but assured that the function will be available “within weeks”.

The decision to suspend the Deposit was made shortly after the emergence of rumors about the possible bankruptcy Bitfinex. Monday market officially denied this information, adding that the bidding process “still having difficulties with Fiat transfers”, however, it is common for most organizations working with cryptocurrency.

On Tuesday, the second of October it became known about bankruptcy of the correspondent Bank Bitfinex, Puerto Rican Noble Bank International. How to claim of relevant media, new banking partner exchange was the British HSBC. All operations with the account in Bitfinex HSBC allegedly carried out on behalf of the company Global Trade Solutions. Representatives Bitfinex has not commented on reports about the change of the Bank and the financial situation of Noble Bank, but stressed that the latter “does not affect” the operation, viability and financial solvency of the exchange.

Bitfinex has previously experienced problems finding a partner Bank in April last year, the company then collaborated with Wells Fargo, sued the Bank to court for blocking their deposits.

This is the second suspension of the Deposit at Bitfinex for October. Recall that after reports of a partnership with HSBC Playground deactivated replenishment of deposits in euros, Japanese yen and pounds sterling.