Yesterday, the Bitcoin community Cash (BCH) was presented a new application of — onchan platform, which is a blockchain-similar to the popular computer game Minecraft. According to the vision of a team of developers called Blockparty, the game will create a “decentralized unchanged voxel world”.

“Meet — “Minecraft on the blockchain”, 100% stored in the blockchain Bitcoin Cash and operating on the basis of Bitdb and Bitsocket. Created by a developer by the name of Jt (he’s not in social media but you can find it in our chat in Telegram),” wrote the developers on Twitter.

New voxel game platform that is available to users of Bitcoin Cash is a virtual world where you can set your environment using different colored blocks on the basis of onchain transactions with OP_Return function. When the user first visits the site, the platform it creates a mnemonic phrase for the purse Blockparty and a text file that also contains the private key.

The open source application does not work on mobile phones, users need to play in using the web browser for the personal computer. In order to create a model from blocks, needs to be made on wallet Deposit. According to the developers, each transaction costs about 1000 Satoshi, what is required to pay network fees. Also the max per transaction — 51 unit.

“Is the encoding of the voxel data in binary format by using outputs with OP-return bitkoenig transactions. This allows us to look back to the creation of the world up to any block of bitcoin,” explained the developer Blockparty on the portal Reddit.

Take some time to get used to the controls, which will allow you to travel through the virtual world and explore onanole art space without spending a fortune. Many of the users BTC started to use the app immediately after launch, and on the platform, across the virtual landscape is already possible to see different designs, symbols, and a BCH message. To create designs and patterns using the blocks available a variety of colors. The Creator of the game said that is no “pure black and white” — everything in the world has some flavor.

“This was done in order to give more space for use different colour schemes due to the absence of certain things — perhaps in the future I’ll do something to add more, but now it is bright and colorful,” writes Blockparty.

In a statement, he stressed that he is open to ideas and suggestions — for example, the developer is thinking about adding voxel shadows.

“I would like do create an opportunity for future integration of small graphical configuration to enable/disable different things at some point,” adds the Creator of the platform.

Despite active interest from the community, the platform offers a much wider scope for creativity. In the game it is possible to remove the blocks created by others, — the function involves the payment. Well-known developer BCH Unwriter expressed pleasure at the fact that the application uses system Bitdb 2.0 (approx. database bitkoenig transactions) and project Bitsocket working in the video industry.

In General, when supporters of the BCH was discussed the draft on the forums, Reddit, and many enthusiastically embraced the idea of creating a 3D system of building blocks. Unwriter commented on the statement of developers of the project on Reddit, explaining that — in fact not three-dimensional and four-dimensional space:

“Even better, in fact it is 4D with an additional “time axis,” since everything is stored in the blockchain, everything has a timestamp in the block, so you can take a snapshot of the universe at a specific point in time.”

We will remind, yesterday it became known that the exchange Poloniex start trading tokens of the future hard forks BCH network, which is scheduled for November 15.