CEO of the cryptocurrency exchange of Hong Kong Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao) has announced a demo version of a decentralized platform Twitter.

Zhao to the tweet attached a 6-minute video, which shows an early version of the future platform Binance Chain. She still doesn’t have a GUI, so Chapter Binance talks about the capabilities of the platform using the console. In “pre-alpha” version Binance Chain is already possible to create tokens to listing and trading. To demonstrate the three main functions of Zhao created a conditional token XXX, issued in the amount of 100 million, and then spent his listing showed and the trade pair XXX/BNB (binance coin).

The launch date of the finished product CEO Binance not named, as, according to him, over the platform you need to conduct a lot of work.

Zhao said that a decentralized platform Binance Chain will be much safer than its centralized counterpart, increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. The new site will be designed in such a way that every user will be able to reserve the right of ownership for money, using private keys. Because of this, it will be impossible to accumulate coins in one certain place, which can be a target point for attackers.

Binance is in first place in the list of cryptocurrency exchanges Coinmarketcap, ranked by trading volume. Recall that earlier this month purchased a mobile Binance anonymous cryptocurrency wallet Wallet Trust. The service supports itself Ethereum, and more than 20 000 tokens, on the basis of this cryptocurrency. As reported, Zhao, the company plans to add Trust to a decentralized Wallet platform as a wallet by default.

In July, the company bought a 5 percent stake in the decentralized Bank Founders Bank with the blockchain system. The Bank will be located in Malta, and its owners become the holders of equity-tokens, which are essentially shares in the company.

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