The crypto currency exchange Binance interrupted service due to abnormal transaction tokens is SYS.

Representatives of the Syscoin team reported the emergence of potential problems with its system at midnight GMT on Wednesday, and then turned to the exchanges with a request to suspend operations with tokens SYS. During the investigation, the developers found “anomalous trading behavior along with the atypical blockchain activity”.

According to CoinMarektCap, failure has led to a sharp increase in the price of aldohina — with up to 96 0,00004 BTC BTC. Unusual transactions were recorded at the exchange Binance, where there is almost 90% transactions SYS. However, how many coins were sold at such a high price — is unclear.

Shortly after Syscoin’s statements about problems encountered, in Binance blog there was an announcement on the temporary suspension of all transactions in connection with “the maintenance system”.

Initially, the exchange is not reported whether the problems of the Syscoin blockchain, but later said that the reason for the interruption in service was the presence of “unregulated trade” on their platform.

Binance also announced that as a preventive measure will remove all existing API keys, so that all the users will have to recreate them.

At the time of publication bidding on Binance resumed.

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