Today, the crypto currency exchange Binance has published a new video demonstrating functionality to its decentralized platform. Video shows in more detail the interface Binance DEX and embedded web wallet and blockchain Explorer, open Binance, Binance Chain.

The interface is a decentralized exchange is a little different from the main site, with the exception of a number of functions. So, Binance DEX includes a generator mnemonic phrase of 24 words for private keys, the option to display the current balance and view of the wallet addresses of other users in the navigation window.

In the tab browser Binance Chain users can search for individual blocks, as well as view your transaction history in each block.

In an accompanying commentary to the video Binance explained:

“Assets Binance DEX will be [optional] protected with the help of decentralised applications on the principle of Trust Wallet that uses peer-to-peer infrastructure that provides for the storage of private keys strictly on personal devices of users, there are tools available only to their owners”.

Buying and selling of crypto-currencies will be made directly through the trading pair (without intermediate exchange for Fiat); being run on the exchange will be available and a private asset Binance, BNB. The company stressed that while the token will remain on the Ethereum blockchain, but will be moved to the Binance Chain immediately after the mainnet launch.

The first demo Binance DEX appeared in August of this year and was devoted to the basic processes of issuing, listing and trading of assets. In March it became known that the new site will be hosted on its own blockchain Binance, which, according to the company, has “reduced waiting time [transaction processing], high-throughput, decentralized system storage means.” More details about Binance Chain said yesterday at the event, the Singapore Bureau Forbes CEO Binance, Chanpen Zhao (Changpeng Zhao).