Manufacturer hardware cryptocell SatoshiLabs reduced the price of the device best model best wallet One. The discount is 23%; now, wallet can be purchased for €69. Special offer timed to the fifth anniversary SatoshiLabs.

The official blog SatoshiLabs on Medium emphasizes that the best wallet has always been focused on the massive use and the developers have always tried to make it as affordable as possible:

“After all, our mission is to provide people access to an intuitive and reassuring security and cryptography. However, in the beginning it was impossible […] Through optimization and organic growth, this year we managed to achieve […] best wallet One became available, “hardened in battle” the crypto device for everyone.”

In addition to the lower prices model best wallet One SatoshiLabs we have discounts on delivery of purchased devices. Under the terms of the agreements with DHL and UPS Express shipment by DHL is 15 Euro (only for EU countries), UPS — 10 euros.

SatoshiLabs announced that in the near future the functionality of the best wallet One will be expanded, and now developers are working to port best wallet Core (basic platform best wallet Model T) for the devices range One. Updates — such as an extended number of compatible tokens and other assets — will be implemented gradually.

Wallets best wallet One is supported by more than 500 digital units and have several levels of protection. Some of the new functions have appeared last week: so, now to sell digital assets directly from your device.