Analysts at Bank of America (BoA) believe that market capitalization is associated with bloccano to reach $7 billion, and the technology stimulates the development of such major corporations as Microsoft and Amazon.

The exact time when this will happen, analysts did not name, however approximately found that two percent of the corporate servers will be used to maintain the blockchain. As stated by one of the researchers BoA cash Rangan (Kash Rangan), technology can really improve the work of some of the largest corporations in the world, such as Amazon.

“Amazon will benefit from the gradual increasing demand for cloud services that will support the blockchain. Retail trade Amazon become more effective with the improvement of the management system of supply chains through this technology,” commented Ragan.

The analyst noted that despite the numerous applications of the blockchain, which in the world are widely recognized, the full range of products and services not yet created. This means that the potential of technology is not yet true. Rangan also reminded that technology is a distributed registry used the model of “software as a service” or SaaS, as an example in order to introduce the concept of “blockchain as a service” BaaS. Such a product, for example, already have with Microsoft is the blockchain-the Azure platform.

“BaaS for Azure services such as smart contracts and other applications with a third party, and should bring more benefits to the extent that as Azure grows,” says Rangan.

Among the companies willing to benefit from the use of the blockchain, the analyst is additionally ranked software vendor Oracle, the IT giant IBM, a developer of CRM-Salesforce, another manufacturer is VMware, and the major players in the real estate market and mortgage industry — Redfin, Zillow and Lendingtree. It is worth noting that many of these listed companies are already working with the technology of the distributed registry.

For example, IBM recently openly competes with Alibaba for the companies that generated the largest number of patent applications related bloccano. About the recent patent IT corporations it became known in late September, is a system to ensure the confidentiality and security of information about drones. One of the largest deals in IBM in this direction is likely to contract with Australian government to develop a nationwide blockchain-based platform for enterprises.

Microsoft, in turn, in August filed a patent application on the creation of a secure execution environment (TEE) for blockchain-based applications. And Amazon may together with the start-up Kaleido presented the corporate SaaS platform.