A few years ago the market went Gridseed ASIC is able to produce two simultaneously cryptocurrencies — BTC and LTC. About these devices quickly forgotten, but the company Baikal Miner recently introduced a new dual miner called BK-D.

The new product allows you to produce two currencies simultaneously, and support four. Users can select a first algorithm among Blake256R14 and Blake256R8 and get these options, 280 gigabases per second. For the second algorithm, we have LBRY and Pascal, and hash rate is 70 hahahaha. During mining of two cryptocurrencies at the same time, the device consumes about 1100 Watts of electricity.

Data on prices and deliveries beginning Miner Baikal BK-D yet, the company only announced the device. However, apparently, a particularly lucrative one such ASIC is not. However, “iron” miner interesting just as a phenomenon, because the market have not had double ASB. If the cost of new items will be about $ 2,100, excluding the power supply, then buying BK-D will be quite a bit of sense.

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