Company Baikal has introduced a new hardware miner BK-G28, which supports the production of coins on several algorithms. The device replaced the slower model BK-X, which was recently taken out of production. The company is already taking orders for the new equipment, although the official price for the ASIC has not yet been announced.

Compared with the predecessor, the Baikal BK-G28 shows a three-fold increase Hasrat on all supported algorithms. Also, the developers have added support cryptocurrency on the Groestl algorithm. Users can have up to 28 GHS on algorithms X11, Quark, Myriad-Groestl, Groestl and Nist5, while the energy consumption varies depending on the algorithm. Also, the device emits 14 GHS in mining Skein and 3.5 GHS on the Skein algorithm.

Note that at the moment looks the most promising coin mining on the Groestl algorithm, however, the emergence of a large number of ASIC miners can reduce the profitability of production. Quite possibly, after the sale of a certain number BK-G28, the company will add support for Groestl algorithm and on an outdated model GK-X.