Just four days ago, Baidu announced the blockchain Protocol SuperChain, reducing the cost of mining, and now again presents new. This time the game on the blockchain.

The app, called Du Yuzhou (translated from Chinese — the universe) offers users to make space travel to the blockchain, during which they will receive the elements necessary for the construction of our own planet.

According to information posted on the official website Du Yuzhou, game elements, which is essentially a kind of tokens will initially be distributed for free wish during the airdrop-campaign.

During the game, these items will be useful for the development of planets, which over time can increase its gravity and to absorb more of the elements, thereby opening up additional functions.

A spokesman for Baidu, the main goal of the game is to acquaint users with the functions of scriptaction that go beyond buying and selling. In his words:

“Du Yuzhou is not just another cryptocurrency, and experiment within the digital society”.

More detailed information about the features of the new game is not yet available, but we know that its launch is scheduled for next week.

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