Asus company engaged in the manufacture of computer equipment, has announced its new product created specifically for cryptocurrency miners.

Asus said that “reimagined the formula of the second generation”, and his motherboard H370 Mining Master was an enhanced version of B250 Mining Expert, released in 2017.

Unlike its predecessor, the novelty has support from 20 graphics cards (GPU), a condition which can be controlled thanks to built-in monitoring system. In the announcement of the Board, published on Wednesday, says:

“Among the main diagnostic features H370 Mining Master is checking the status of GPU, which scans the system at boot and reports on whether each of the risers is empty or it is plugged into the graphics card. She is also able to detect the fault and report it.”

Asus will demonstrate H370 Mining Master during Computex 2018. It will be held in Tibaes 5 to 9 June. The start date of the new product and its price, not yet named, but the company mentioned that roughly users will be able to buy a novelty in a few months.

It is worth noting that the new product Asus will enter the highly competitive market of equipment for mining. So ASRock is producing similar products, and for manufacturers of graphics processors AMD and Nvidia miners become part of the customer base, significantly increase the revenues of these companies.