Cryptocurrency hardware wallet best wallet has issued a warning to users about the risk to purchase a fake device.

Best wallet told the media and the users that an unknown third party distributes a device, identical to the original flagship best wallet One. In its official statement, the company noted that its clones of other manufacturers devices released all the time, but a perfect copy masquerading as the original device, released for the first time.

Original wallet best wallet storage One supports over 500 cryptocurrencies and has several levels of protection. Since September, users can purchase assets directly from the device. As reported by best wallet fake devices look different from the original only packing: differences can be seen in the hologram and the sticker with the bar code.

The differences between the original packaging (top) and fake (bottom)

Fake, presumably, was made in China. The company asks users to pay close attention to vysheozvuchennoy details when purchasing via the Internet or third parties.

The differences between the original packing (right) and counterfeit (left)

“Be very careful when buying the device through such sites as eBay, Taobao, AliExpress, through an unknown reseller, Amazon, and other places,” — said in a statement. “If you are not sure of the authenticity of the seller or the trading platforms, please always refer to official channels of distribution.”

We will remind that recently it became known about another fake cryptocurrency wallet, this time software. The hoax was discovered by the Brazilian company RIO EOS, developed an application to store digital currencies.