Yesterday, IOTA has launched the official website of the project Qubic. It is known that this is not an additional token or coin; the startup also denied the rumors about the conduct of airdrop.

As stated on the website of the project, Qubic is a “Protocol, adapting the solution IOTA for oracles, smart contracts, external calculations and much more.” In annotations and FAQ IOTA has made a big emphasis on smart contracts secured native token Tangle. The Protocol is designed to support a variety of operations, from seamless micropayments for streaming services to system users promote the use of blockchain Tangle. Read more the text of the abstract describes the purpose Qubic:

“Qubic delivers the computing power of multiprocessor machines in General and free manner based on cloud or mist technologies inside Tangle”.

A Twitter user under the nickname FrancLukas1 noted that with the implementation of Qubic IOTA will seriously compete with a payment-centric crypto-currencies and major BaaS providers of services — in particular, Ethereum. If in the first case about the benefits of Tangle, no fee for translations, working solutions scalable, stable, transaction speed and the other was known before, now that the same options are available for your own smart contracts IOTA of the developers may go with the Stellar and Ethereum blockchains to “infinitely scalable” and has the same tools to create platforms and applications. FrancLukas1, using simple comparisons emphasized that now is not just IOTA IOTA: thanks Qubic, the network now combines the best features of Ethereum, Golem, Gridcoin, and Chainlink:

In light of the news about Qubic IOTA quotes rose yesterday to $of 2.02, before falling back to about $1.75 (the exchange rate at the time of publication of the material).

The developers of IOTA has focused on the fact that Qubic is an evolving project and at the moment of its official web site aims “to give the IOTA community and the wider comprehensive review, to help them better understand what we are doing, and to convey the huge scale of the project.”

In the future, according to the company, Qubic “will give people the opportunity to mobilize all the world’s unused computing power to solve countless problems, while ensuring the safety of IOTA Tangle is a world of a supercomputer on the basis of the IOTA”.

Posting information on Qubic, the company strengthened interest increased on the background of the news about cooperation with the largest Bank of Norway, Den Norske Bank and the UN, as well as the release of mobile wallet Trinity. However, some experts and industry representatives is still with great skepticism belong to IOTA and its initiatives.