The manufacturer of integrated circuits, AMD introduced its new mining hardware based on graphics processing units (GPUs).

The company showed the structure of the 14 AMD Radeon RX 470, which was designated as a mining-rig, and GPU-enterprise solution with a huge capacity that ensure the graphics card of the same series, and industrial system supply EATX from Rajintek. Both models will go on sale soon. Besides these, AMD is planning to release six devices. For their development, AMD has partnered with a group of IT companies.

“We are working with our current partners to create a computational blockchain solutions for different use cases, as well as explore new and innovative platforms on the blockchain” — said AMD.

The company presents novelties in not the easiest period for the market. Major miners meet with lower profits, rising prices and high volatility. So cryptocurrency exchange BTCC, which was one of the largest miners on the market, recently announced its decision to close its mining pool, since it ceased to generate income. At the end of October itself AMD has released a report which indicated that sales of graphics cards for mining has fallen over the past quarter, which led to the decline in the company’s total revenue by 14%.

Being one of the market leaders in GPU devices, mainly used for mining ether (ETH), AMD, and Nvidia, recently tried to focus on the gaming sector and has bet on the cryptocurrency industry. However, judging by recent actions, the manufacturer loses processors skepticism towards mining. Besides stock quotes AMD currently showing growth — their cost reaches almost $22 at the time of publication of news. According to the journalists, the increased income gives the company the resources to continue development of the cryptocurrency direction.

For the first time a decline in demand for graphics cards for mining AMD is concerned in March. Then about the threats to the business the company wrote in the annual report to the Commission on securities and stock exchanges.