The biggest online store in the world Amazon has received two patents on creating solutions to protect the integrity of digital signatures and storage of distributed data. Both patent applications published yesterday, the patent and trademark office (USPTO) of the United States.

In the first patent application that the company filed in April, described a method of transmitting digital signatures that preserve their integrity and ensure confidentiality of communication. This method allows you to perform all standard procedures — creation of signatures, distribution, validation and revocation of the signing key. As stated in the application, the cryptographic keys in the system will be located in the Merkle tree is a binary hash tree, organized from the bottom up.

The Merkle tree is considered to be a fundamental part of blockchain systems, since it allows to operate with large amount of data. All data from transactions are stored in the root node of the tree, which ensures their integrity. The Merkle tree gets “fingerprint” of all transactions in the block, which then allows them to verify by reviewing the. According to the patent, in the system from Amazon, the hash tree will also solve the problem of delegating signing rights from the Central subject of the subordinate.

A second patent application filed in the Office in December 2015, presents solution for distributed data storage. The developers described in the document method of trellis encoding using groups of shards (parts of the blockchain), each of which is a logically distributed data. The application indicates that this method will allow you to minimize the redundancy of storage that will simplify access to it, make it more durable and adds the ability to restore data.

We will remind, yesterday it became known that the subsidiary ConsenSys together with Amazon Web Services will launch a blockchain-based platform to accelerate the development of projects that use distributed registries. In April, Amazon received a patent to create a market for streaming data, that is, the system that would provide users access to the data of cryptocurrency transactions in real-time.