The world’s largest online retailer Amazon has announced the launch of a new service for developers on blockchain platforms that eliminates additional development costs. The announcement took place at the conference, re:Invent, which was held by the company Amazon.

The new service is called Amazon Managed Blockchain. Its main task is to facilitate users the creation and management of blockchain networks for different purposes. Customers will be able to develop a platform on the blockchains Hyperledger Fabric and later, on Ethereum.

In fact, the new product is part of the cloud solutions of Amazon Web Services (AWS), which operates a large number of different services, including Netflix.

“Amazon Managed Blockchain reduces the cost of networks and automatically scales to meet the needs of the thousands of applications that handle millions of transactions,” — said on the website.

It is reported that the platform is linked to the company’s other products designed for optimized data storage. Thus, the service can copy user-created blockchain network and move them to a distributed database Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB), which records all changes and maintained their history. Bundle a new product with QLDB done for the convenience of network analysis in the development phase, both for the user and for the company, which will monitor trends.

At the moment the service is in preview stage. This means that any interested users can already register on the platform and, if his account is approved, you will receive access to the tools to create a blockchain network. After that, the user can send to friends working with other AWS services, invites to the platform. So the company hopes to create a semblance of a social network — community of developers.

We will remind that in April, Amazon introduced a tool for developers that allows to run decentralized applications on the basis of the block chain Ethereum, and Hyperledger Fabric using special templates that greatly reduced the time for tuning and debugging applications.