Alibaba Cloud, a subsidiary of IT-enterprise of the Chinese Corporation Alibaba Group, has announced the release of the global market. After launching a BaaS platform (“blockchain-as-a-service” blockchain as a service) in China, Alibaba Cloud plans to begin work in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia. This is stated in a press release published on the company’s website last Wednesday.

Chief engineer at Alibaba Cloud Yi Li (Yi Li) said that the company took this decision with the aim of helping international companies “to accelerate the digitisation of” using the blockchain.

Clouds Alibaba also announced the activation of new access points in the UK due to the increased demand. According to the data presented in the press release, at the moment coverage of Alibaba Cloud services includes 52 of reach in 19 countries.

BaaS platform Alibaba Cloud based on two different networks — Hyperledger Fabric and Ant Blockchain, and allows customers to carry out the rapid deployment of the blockchain for future reference. Range of potential destinations includes the introduction of smart contracts in a workflow, a means of internal management of the consortium and others.

By the time the product Alibaba Cloud on the above markets, some share of them may already be occupied by Oracle Corp. Yesterday, the American manufacturer also announced the launch of the BaaS platform.