Air France-KLM, in partnership with the startup Winding Tree examine options for the use of blockchain technology in the business model of the company to improve efficiency and economy.

According to a press release from the Winding Tree, the integration of the blockchain technology in business practices one of the most successful companies in the industry will lead to significant savings as from the standpoint of passengers and from a business perspective.

The French airline will use the B2B platform startup. According to the concept of partner companies, increasing the efficiency and transparency that can secure the blockchain technology will allow to develop better offers that increase the profit of service providers. In particular, we are talking about reducing the number of intermediaries. In turn, companies and startups taking advantage of these offers, will be able to develop solutions more appropriate to the specific needs of clients. Thus, will benefit all market participants.

The press release also States that Air France will assume responsibility for the testing platform you’ve been working on Winding Tree since its creation.

Sonya Barrier (Barrière Sonia) of Air France-KLM commented about the collaboration, describing the company’s expectations:

“We are proud to be one of the first groups of airlines that have acceded to the Winding Tree for the development of blockchain technology… With a constant commitment to innovation with startups and partners Air France-KLM is constantly creating the future of travel and develops solutions to simplify all the nuances of travel and make them more personal”.

The decision to work with bloccano reaffirms the company focused on the active exploration of innovative technologies. Along with Baccano, Air France-KLM is working on mechanisms that use machine learning and artificial intelligence, including chatbot and services for tracking Luggage.

Pedro Anderson (Pedro Anderson), founder of Winding Tree, stressed the determination of the startup to improve the quality of services of the French airline through the integration of the blockchain as a “tool necessary for the emergence of real innovation” and enthusiastically responded to the opportunity to work with a company that “established reputation” in regard to improve experience of their clients.

Note, Winding Tree bills itself as a “peer-to-peer travel platform based on blockchain, open source”. Earlier the startup has already signed partnership agreements with some members of industry, including Air New Zealand Swissport and Lufthansa. Specializiruetsya the startup team on developing solutions that can make travel cheaper for the end user and, at the same time, increase the profit of the service provider. According to the developers, the technology will also allow smaller companies to compete with industry giants.

Interest in using the blockchain as a way to improve the performance show and the Russian airline. In the summer of last year reported that Aeroflot is seeking a contractor to conduct market research of cryptocurrencies, with the goal of potential use of technology in their work.

Another major air carrier S7 at the same time, have launched the ticketing system on the blockchain, simplifying the mechanism by the agents. In addition, recently it became known that the S7 successfully completed the refueling of aircraft using the blockchain app.