Ethereum Creator Vitalik Buterin shared his vision of a future blockchain technologies (and Ethereum in particular), as well as topical industry issues. According to programmer, developers, and startups should first focus on the real use of the cryptocurrency and privacy on the block chain.

Last week, during a debate at a private event in San Francisco, Buterin said that, despite the decline in the number of sceptics of cryptocurrencies so not revealed its potential. It is also concerned at the lack of the necessary level of privacy in the blockchain and the lack of effective measures to ensure:

“At the moment there is no optimal ways to use a blockchain, while maintaining complete secrecy. There were some attempts to fix it using zcash for, appropriate investigations were conducted on the Ethereum blockchain. However, there is still a lot of work.”

He also touched on the problems with the legislative regulation of the digital economy. Many smaller countries, like Malta, has created a favorable legal environment for traders and investors; however, the financial supervision bodies of the countries with greater geopolitical influence, like the United States, and was not identified with the position in relation to cryptocurrencies. According to Buterin, the authorities should focus on promoting payment, commercial and other solutions that provide for the turnover of small amounts of the cryptocurrency.

Talking about the current state and future plans of Ethereum, Buterin said he was satisfied with the progress of the project. At the moment, he continued, the key areas are optimal for network PoS protocols and implementation of sharding. In particular, it tested the consensus algorithm Casper is already close to the final stages of development. Buterin said that now the Ethereum Foundation is awaiting the results of the audit Protocol, conducted by a team of scientists.

According to the developer, in the future Ethereum Foundation will continue to work with scalable blockchain projects and work on a consensus Protocol with an even higher degree of equality. The developer also clarified rumors about his move to Google:

“I hope everyone understands that this is a joke. Someone from the personnel Department Google contacted me by e-mail, most likely, because their artificial intelligence have analyzed my GitHub account and found that I was once a high score in the international Olympiad. Turns out my profile is ideal for the candidate for the vacancy with pay as the internship”.

Recall that the first information about the care Balerina in Google appeared after the informal meeting of the programmer with the former head of the Board of Directors Eric Schmidt (Eric Schmidt).