CEO of the SBI Group Yoshitaka, Kitao (Yoshitaka Kitao) announced the beginning of negotiations with the R3 consortium to conduct a joint project. It is known that the initiative involves the use of XRP. This Kito announced during the last meeting of the Board SBI on the financial statements of the Corporation.

According to local analysts, further details of the new project R3 and SBI Group during the meeting were discussed. Presumably, this will be the platform, a key element of which is a token XRP. Partly this hypothesis podtverjdayut the words of Kito:

“We have already started talks about the project for R3 with the integration of XRP. Using R3 XRP will go to a higher turnover.”

Such a project also fits in the plans of the Ripple. Previously CEO of a startup Garlinghouse brad (Brad Garlinghouse) said that the company plans to establish cooperation with a dozen major banks:

“[Ripple] continues to gain momentum, and all thanks to networking. The more participants, the greater the incentive to join other. So we see our growth picking up the pace”.

SBI Group has chosen R3, presumably because of the close ties with the consortium. Last year, during one of the investment rounds, SBI has become the main investor of the Association. In addition, a subsidiary Bank of SBI Group, SBI Bank LLC is a member of R3.

SBI Group and Ripple has already significantly increased the turnover of XRP in Japan at the level of end users. In early October, their joint venture SBI Ripple Asia launches payment app MoneyTap; according ССN, MoneyTap already planning to use a 61 Japanese Bank to provide application 80-percent market coverage.