Co-founder and President of crypto TenX, Julian Hosp (Julian Hosp), which at a cost of bitcoins of $20 000 predicted drop BTC to $6000, has made yet another prediction. This indicates that the leading cryptocurrency may be the price of a $60 000 this year.

He stressed that the impetus for tenfold growth might serve as a major positive event in kriptonyte. For example, a positive Declaration of some of the country concerning bitcoin, or message about the long-awaited emergence of bitcoin exchange-traded Fund (ETF).

However, in the absence of such positive news, in order to approach the level of $60 000, bitcoin will require more time. Hosp suggested that by the end of summer the price of BTC has to cross the mark of $10,000, from which they will begin their way up thanks to the “snowball effect” generated headlines in the media.

It is worth noting that the same period for the resumption of the bullish trend outlined and analyst Thomas Lee (Thomas Lee), who said that now the stock market is a kind of “purgatory” (the period of consolidation from 70 to 231 days), the output of which is expected in late August – early September.

And although the opinion of the Hosp and Do share other cryptobatrachus, marking the positive trends in the market, it is worth noting that the increased oversight by the regulators has had a downward pressure on the price of the cryptocurrency.

But all the actions of official bodies in relation to the cryptocurrency does not always create a negative mood and sometimes bring supporters of digital currencies and some relief. As, for example, happened in the case of a request by the SEC that BTC and ETH are not securities.

By the way the last last night showed one-week low, falling to $430 dollars for the broadcast. Joseph Lubin, co-founder of Ethereum claims that such news was a little concerned about the community and the developers network. According to him, Ethereum useful for any jumps (either up or down) because they are attracted to the ecosystem of the attention from technical specialists and entrepreneurs, which determine the value of Ethereum.

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