Despite the unusual for FINTECH events format, the Dogecon conference — an event that was worth the visit. Dinner parties, rap battles, puppy parade — at Dogecon was all that may come to mind.

All but the expected panic about the decline of the cryptocurrency market.

“I’m at Dogecon in Vancouver, and nobody talks about the collapse of the market. That’s great :)”

Perhaps the most succinctly and accurately described the Convention programmer Matt Condon (Condon Matt) — “radical optimism”.

“While you all whine about “governance in the blockchain”, the people in Dogecoin rented a hall in the parliamentary style, and came there in person and in costume”.

The four-day conference on “social slice culture of the crypto community”, collected enthusiastic responses of guests and those who watched her course remotely, from the virtual bench.

“So it should look like all of the cryptocurrency conference.”

“I just had a blast from what’s happening at #Dogecon. I wish I could be there. The clever absurdity of it all gave me faith.”

“Isn’t it beautiful, @IMmsGNU just in shock this Sunday at #dogecon. Don’t want to make the final verdict, but this unconference was spectacular”.

Even the sponsors Dogecon did not miss the opportunity to join the hundreds of visitors and rave reviews on Twitter:

“@ETCCooperative: we are pleased to sponsor @DogeconVan 2018. I hope that the guys from ETC will repeat this in 2019”

“Don’t forget to visit our colleagues at #dogecon 2018! On Friday we will have our own stand and we will stay for the whole weekend. If you are in Vancouver and still have not purchased tickets, you’re missing out!”

Only the conference was attended by over 200 people. Success is achieved not without the help of hype on Twitter — according to some participants, was a breath of fresh air for the community lapsed into a depressive phase because of the news about the break-ins, downward market trends and crypto-currency forks.

And, as wrote Twitter user under the nickname SmileyGnome:

“What if #DOGECON and all followers $Doge saved the economy #Bitcoin? Looks like DOGECON better Consensus.”

It is unlikely this question can be answered, but one thing is for sure: Dogecoin is still an attractive project, almost approaching a dangerous boundary between the community and the cult. This is evidenced by statistics: the number of transactions DOGE often exceeds the same indicator of BCH — fourth of the capitalization of cryptocurrencies in the world (according to this criterion DOGE is a 40-th line; data from Coinmarketcap).

But how can we explain such popularity? Dogecoin was designed with the idea first and foremost about community, not about the superiority of bitcoin over — except, perhaps, a larger supply of tokens, higher speed building blocks and operation of a popular meme. In this case, the asset has suffered much at the hands of fraudsters (we are talking about the scum-exchange Moolah and the manipulation of the user under the name Wolong).

Since “separation” from Luckycoin, DOGE, formed more than a beginner friendly community, than a group of “extremely serious” supporters of bitcoin. Perhaps this was meant to probably a rhetorical question SmileyGnome: Dogecon and similar events give the community an alternative to the unhealthy atmosphere prevailing among the investors and developers more often than I would like.

“Everyone in the industry will find a place. If people stopped using Dogecoin to make fun of other assets, it would be great. Do something Good Every Day. Be kind to each other! It is our common cause, do not humiliate, and improve your mood.”

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