Company specializing in trading futures on bitcoin, 1Broker, reported that connects users to the platform in the mode of “read-only”.

Last week the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the U.S. Commission on commodity futures trading at 1Broker accused of violating a Federal law regulating the trading. The company representatives said that 1Broker is seeking legal advice in the United States and hopes to receive it in the next few days.

According to the lawyers 1Broker, the company received a permit for the operation of the site in the “read-only” so users can view your balance and transaction history. The platform should begin work on Wednesday. The company stressed that clients ‘ funds will remain safe.

“Now our priority is to provide customers the ability to withdraw funds. You can be sure that the company keeps sufficient funds in order to ensure that all requests for withdrawal. Before we can take the necessary action to do this, we need to obtain permission from the authorities”, — explained in a tweet.

The Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) seized domain in connection with the recent accusations, which the company had to suspend all transactions. Chapter 1Broker Patrick Brunner (Brunner Patrick) said that the company is asking its customers to be patient.

“Unfortunately, the solution to these questions requires time — from our point of view, we are ready to provide a withdrawal procedure right now,” he added.

In September the SEC also accused of wrongdoing the Fund, managing digital assets, Crypto Asset Management and ordered them to pay a fine in the amount of $200 000.