Fine arts Museum of San Francisco is crowded with hackers to crack the Ethereum network: 1000 developers discuss critical industry issues and present fresh ideas within the framework of the hackathon ETHSanFrancisco. Impressions and photos shares a famous blockchain portal Trustnodes.

“The incredible attendance at @ETHSanFrancisco! Our panel discussion on all aspects of mining, developed into a lot of debate and discussion about future strategies for venture capital funds,” wrote one participant on Twitter.

Among the many ideas described well-known personalities and newcomers, there was a system called “Know your user” (eng. Know Thy User).

What he saw inspired Trustnodes reporting originating as a secret society, preparing a great conspiracy and planning to take the digital world under his control.

They continued to think, “Revolution, however, must meet a counter-revolution — without competition, no progress,” reinforcing the idea the picture of that “corner” where it unfolds — in the photo booth Brave, challenged the entire industry of online advertising and Google for one:

Stand browser Brave

Something is happening on decentralized platforms, and it’s about cooperation with such well-known names like Facebook and Telegram.

Defenders of the ETH, or something about the Kyber integration with Facebook Messenger and Telegram

“It’s great to see developers using Kyber in different and creative solutions @ETHSanFrancisco! @pe4enable @EnormousRage @igorkhmel @BANKEX add the functionality of instant tokens Kyber in Facebook Messenger and Telegram” — is listed on the page of a decentralized exchange Kyber Network on Twitter.

Further Trustnodes not be stopped: “Who is going to win, once on top, take our hearts, our world? In this game, the digital code may the winner will be above it.”

And the audience watching with bated breath as these guys prepare for life in the new digital world.

Potential partners of the hackathon “waiting bride”

One of the speakers offers to go back to basics. In the beginning there were atoms. Then the mutation occurred — originated entropy and the secret of the great race.

“Our weapon against entropy is the code that tells the speaker of a stationary audience. We need to strengthen our capabilities through delegation of our abilities, we “expand” to a level that will create the army, and many armies we will conquer it the entropy and will provide a pleasant existence,” says the speaker in the retelling Trustnodes.

Eric Sabarsky (Erik Saberski) of XYO Developers is “Connecting blockchain to the real world”

Хакатон Eth San Francisco hackathon, октябрь 2018

Note, the hackathon continues, and it is one of the latest examples of further expansion of the very successful world hackathon ETHWaterloo. They still have not launched it in London, although he visited many cities, in the end preferring the world capital of innovative technologies — San Francisco.

Looking at pictures, the event is not only successful, but also very inspiring, concludes Trustnodes, offering to follow the details on the livestream and of course, Twitter.