In a recent interview with the Financial Times, the Creator of Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin stated that he had no specific vision of the project in the long term. Despite the importance of strategic planning in the cryptocurrency industry, Buterin goals and objectives only a few months in advance, and still it did not prevent development of the project.

Some believe that cryptocurrency business, it is useless to have a long term plan. Since this is a developing field, the market situation often varies considerably, and tight deadlines sometimes do not help and only escalate the situation. Anyway, from Baterina waiting at least a rough idea of what Ethereum will be in five or ten years. But fundamentally he does not think about it:

“Ethereum has increased markedly. It so happened that Ethereum has evolved, perhaps without the participation of such major figures in the industry like me. I don’t know where you’ll be years later. I basically never make plans more than three months in advance, and even more so at five years.”

Despite the lack of long-term prospects of its Creator, Ethereum seems to be turning into the existing platform by itself. Acne Buterin not the only one who works on the code. Growing the developer community never ceases to perfect the protocols, to add new features and suggest improvements. Nevertheless, the level of fame Baterina not reached any of them. All he will say and do, will be thoroughly discussed, which is to be expected.

The above gives the impression that Buterin — another programmer, who came into the industry for money. However, his entourage can confirm that his intentions are just the opposite. He was indifferent to the success of people who have become millionaires at the expense of other developers. Ethereum has never been a career lift for Vitalik. Remembering those who made a fortune in cryptocurrency, he jokingly adds:

“It’s just luck of the draw, and those who were lucky, I think I deserve it because of a superiority in intelligence. I was dedicated, I was virtuous and I kept the project, so I deserve five houses and 23 Lamborghini.”

Some may criticize Baterina for the lack of long-term plans, but, apparently, no reason to worry. Acne for a long time will directly work on Ethereum. Meanwhile, the project will soon move to a new stage of development by switching to method proof-of-stake. Also, according to unconfirmed information, it is soon possible to expect an increase limit of tokens.

In addition, the project supported third-party platforms and applications based on the Ethereum blockchain. So, on April 11 started a beta version of Golem — P2P application for distribution of available computer resources.