Cryptocurrency VDN (vDinar) appeared relatively recently and focuses on the Balkans, but in recent years it has begun to draw attention in other countries. Until recently, mine these coins were only on CPUs, but there is now a fork of ccMiner miner that support vCrypt algorithm, which is used to vDinar. Note that the algorithm vCrypt not entirely new — it is rather a variant of the algorithm Scrypt-N, but it is not compatible with miners support Scrypt-N.

About the performance from the GTX cards 1080Ti expect 900-950 of kilobases per second, 700 Kh/s from 1070Ti and 450-500 from the GTX 1060. However, there is a small problem — the algorithm vCrypt demanding of the CPU even when mining on graphics cards, so if you farm on any Intel Celeron, to achieve maximum results will not really need a top-end processor. You can try to run multiple processes of the miner or to play with the settings, but still unlikely to maximize performance for Junior CPU.

It is worth noting that official harvested the executable is not, however, enthusiasts lined the 32-bit binary for Windows. It supports CUDA Compute 3.0 and 8.0, 5.0, and 5.2, so that should work with all recent nVidia graphics cards. Many users have problems with compilation, so you can use that option.