According to media reports, two cryptocurrency exchanges Japan are in the process of closing because of pressure from the authorities.

Writes the Nikkei Asian Review, the two trading platforms — Mr. Exchange and TokyoGateway, withdrew the application for registration in the financial services Agency of Japan (FSA) is required to legitimize the operation of companies in the country.

At the time of publication notes none of the exchanges have not released an official statement. However, Mr. The Exchange announced that on March 8 has received from the Ministry requirement to strengthen the internal protocols in connection with hacker attack on Coincheck at the end of January. In the incident from the accounts of users was stolen tokens NEM in the amount of approximately $533 million.

In the publication the Nikkei says that the official closing will occur only after all clients will remove the amount from their accounts or their assets will be recoverable otherwise.

Nikkei notes that this is part of a General trend. Earlier in March, the FSA has temporarily closed two of the crypto currency exchange, FSHO and Bit Station, due to vulnerabilities in their security systems. Bit Station, the newspaper reports, withdrew the application for registration, as well as two other exchanges — Raimu and bitExpress.

“We should expect more closings as the FSA has allowed some exchanges to voluntarily terminate your employment before making a formal action,” writes the Nikkei.

According to the law, adopted last March, cryptocurrency exchanges operating in Japan are required to register. Some platforms have managed to obtain licenses, however, the Supervisory authority has strengthened control after theft of funds from the stock exchange Coincheck.

Despite the growth requirements from the FSA, you must wait for official comments from the representatives of the exchanges. Earlier the Nikkei had already disseminated information about the closure of a major platform Binance; further information was wrong.