According to Sky News, a new Twitter advertising policy prohibit the promotion ICO, selling tokens and clients of cryptocurrency wallets. In addition, the restrictions are cryptocurrency exchanges — with a few exceptions. It is expected that the new rules will take effect within two weeks. Twitter this information has not commented.

In the material Sky News said nothing about the specific reasons for changes in advertising policy. The book connects them with similar measures taken by Facebook and Google. The main factor uniting the largest online companies fight against illegal actions and fraudulent ads.

Recall that Facebook was the first global private Corporation, who demonstrated the regulatory initiative cryptocurrency, ICO and cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. According to the company, the ads related to ICO and virtual currencies are the “promotion of fraudulent activities.”

Last week Facebook joined Google, adding to the prohibited list of advertised services consulting services in the sale of digital assets. With the exception of advertisers who have undergone special certification. Updated policy financial services Google will take effect in June 2018.