BankDhofar, Oman Bank, yesterday announced the beginning of cooperation with Ripple.

According to representatives of Bank, technology Ripple will allow its clients to save “time and money” when transferring funds abroad.

The head of the information service of the Bank Dr. Tariq Taha (Taha Tariq) added:

“Using this technology we can ensure immediate, unhindered and secure cross-border transfers in seconds with a fully transparent movement of money from the sender to the recipient.”

The transition to the blockchain Ripple was carried out in the framework of the “current reformation BankDhofar, whose main aim is to improve customer service through strategic use of digital technologies and innovation.” Earlier also it became known about joining BankDhofar to BankChain — international consortium of organizations that use the blockchain in business, under the guidance of the state Bank of India.

BankDhofar did not disclose details on what platforms Ripple will use to provide translations. Judging by the comments of Dr. Taha, queries, companies are able to provide xCurrent. An alternative would be xRapid providing liquidity in real-time.

At the moment customers are Ripple more than 100 financial institutions around the world. Recall that last week the startup has signed agreements with five new companies from Europe and Asia.