Three of the cryptocurrency exchanges in South Korea were searched. According to local media, members of exchanges are suspected of embezzlement of funds of the users.

Edition of the Chosun reported that members of the cryptocurrency exchanges, including the leadership, are accused of embezzling funds of the users. According to some, a virtual cryptocurrency trader’s assets were transferred to the employee’s account of the exchange and used for subsequent purchase of crypto-currencies on other exchanges.

“The company has come to the attention of our organization in January during the inspection of suspicious money transfers between Piccolomini exchanges, which were discovered during the audit of the financial services Commission and the Department of financial investigations of Korea”, — said the representative of the Prosecutor’s office.

In search of evidence of a crime prosecutors in the southern district of Seoul, confiscated hard drives, mobile phones and documents of the companies.

In addition, it is reported that representatives of the financial services Commission (FSA) carried out a large-scale test one of the exchanges about the conduct of the illegal campaign Fund-investment project associated with scriptactive.

We will remind, recently the South Korean authorities have tightened surveillance organizations working with cryptocurrency, intending to fight the rampant speculation in the market of virtual currencies and criminal activities such as money laundering.

So, in February, several exchanges had to halt trading because of the requirements of the FSA in relation to the measures for mandatory identification of users.

In addition, despite the information that the ban on ICO in the country could be loosened, the draft on the primary offer coins planned South Korean Internet giant Kakao, did not remain without attention of the authorities: it is reported that the Chairman of the FSA has stated its “negative position” in relation to the company’s plans.

It is noteworthy that in January the staff of the Commission have been convicted of insider trading cryptocurrency.