The Russian Federation is approaching the adoption of the law covering the conduct of the country’s primary offerings of coins (ICO) and trade cryptocurrencies.

According to the Russian news Agency RIA Novosti, the Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev stated that the jurisdictional disagreements between the Bank of Russia and Finance Ministry about the content of the bill governing cryptomaterial authorised.

Recall that the relevant bills are scheduled to be paid this month. In January, the Ministry of Finance published a draft law which set the threshold for the ICO activities in Russia in order to allow the sale tokens in a regulated environment.

However, the question is, should the law allow the exchange of these tokens of the Russian ruble, and other assets, caused the contradiction of the Ministry of Finance with the Bank of Russia.

But since the introduction of the new law is already scheduled for July 1, according to Moses, two of the state authority came to the decision to rely on the opinion of the Bank of Russia.

“Yes. The Central Bank will make the decision,” he said.

According to RIA, the Bank of Russia said it could consider allowing investors to trade tokens issued in the proposed ICO, – for Fiat currency. However cryptotrading may be prohibited to avoid “questionable” anonymous transactions.