Next week the group plans to hold two separate discussions on crypto-currencies to try to find what politicians call “common response” to the regulation.

The first meeting of the G20 summit, which this time takes place in Argentina, will take place on Monday. The talks will be attended by the Minister of Finance of Argentina Nicolas Duchovni (Nicolás Dujovne) and Secretary General of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD) josé ángel Gurría (Gurría José Angel) and other stakeholders. The second discussion is scheduled for Tuesday.

Agenda and abstracts for the two discussions are not yet available. However, in a press release, summit announced that the discussion would relate to the value of cryptocurrencies and the potential applications of the technology underlying them.

“This issue is an important agenda item of the meeting, the delegates will seek a common response that will reduce risks and will not hinder innovation,” — the document says.

The press release also notes that the blockchain “has the potential to advance financial inclusion”. However, according to the document “it is important to analyze the value of cryptocurrencies for the financial stability, tax evasion and illicit financial activities.”

Recall that in the discussion of crypto-currencies at the G20 summit called for financial officials from the United States, Germany, France and Japan.