The airline AirAsia, which operates in Southeast Asia, and considers the ICO as an option the extension of their payment options. This was told TechCrunch CEO Tony Fernandes (Tony Fernandes).

Issuing its own cryptocurrency is part of the company’s strategy to increase customer base. At the moment it has, according to Fernandez, 65 million users. However, AirAsia aims to increase this figure to 100 million.

“We have a couple of interesting services, which are quite easily combined with ICO. One of those things — our loyalty card and program BigPoints, and I think BigPoints easy perevsti on the blockchain,” said the entrepreneur.

The decision was also due to financial benefits for the company. According to Fernandez, this is in addition to desire to stay on the wave of progress, forced him seriously to explore this possibility:

“I like the idea of ICO, because it easily removes the costs from my system. So I am very motivated”.

Despite the tendency of the authorities of different countries to strengthen oversight of the cryptocurrency market, Fernandez is confident that his company it does not hurt. “We work in one of the most tightly controlled industries in the world, so that we know how to deal with authorities and their rules,” he says.

Recall that at least two countries in Southeast Asia are planning or have already taken regulatory measures against cryptocurrency. So, Thai authorities are planning to introduce new rules in relation to cryptocurrency exchange and even to introduce a special tax. In addition, the Monetary authority of Singapore is increasingly strengthens oversight of the cryptocurrency community.