Japanese financial services Agency (FSA) ordered the two cryptomeria – FSHO bit and the Station to suspend its activities for one month starting today.

Previously, the FSA demanded that four trading platforms to improve system security measures and to submit a written improvement plan by March 22. In this list of Tech Bureau, GMO Coin, Mister Exchange, Bike Limited, Coincheck, the loss of money which was the reason for the start of inspections by the Agency.

We will remind that as a result of breaking the Japanese stock exchange Coincheck has been stolen half a billion tokens XEM (NEM). Moreover, the FSA has identified issues internal systems Coincheck and warned them about the stock exchange before the theft.

After checking the website Coincheck, the financial regulator also inspected other internal trading platform, which have not yet been approved by the Agency. The result of this testing was the decision on the temporary suspension of the FSHO and bit Station due to improper security measures.

In addition, the FSA established a study group of cryptocurrency exchanges, which will study institutional problems related to cryptocurrency.

According to the Agency, members of the research group (representatives of institutions, cryptocurrency exchanges, and government agencies) will act as observers. The Agency will serve as the Secretariat.