Former Finance Minister of Thailand stated that it supported the new rules, applicable to cryptocurrency trading and primary offerings of coins (ICO).

Chatikavanij Korn (Korn Chatikavanij) held the post of Finance Minister from late 2008 until mid 2011. At the moment he is the Chairman of start-up Fintech accelerator Thai Association. In an interview with the Bangkok Post that he made last week, Chatikavanij stated that his organization supports the plan Commission at the securities and exchange Commission (SEC) of Thailand to introduce special rules for activities relating to cryptocurrency.

“I agree with the opinion of the Ministry of Finance that the SEC should be the only organization, managing digital assets, because it controls the securities and has a deep understanding of the digital assets,” said Korn.

Recall that in early February this year the Minister of Finance of Thailand Apisak Tantivorawong (Apisak Tantivorawong) reported that the regulatory mechanism for managing digital currencies in Thailand will be developed during the month.

After the period of public consultation and joint meetings with government officials, held last Wednesday, the state institutions of Thailand has said it is ready to accept a regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies and ICO within the next month.