TechStars startup had launched a product, which seems will be the first full-featured platform designed to expand the capacity of Ethereum.

A little-known company Loom Network has released a developer Toolkit that enables you to deploy scalable applications on Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency network, having made a significant breakthrough compared to such current projects as Raiden and Plasma Network.

Note that the scaling problem has become particularly relevant for Ethereum since then, as the running game CryptoKitties has led to critical congestion at the end of last year.

But while other developers worked on solutions outside the chain, who are now in the testing phase, the platform Loom Network uses the so-called “dappchains” — a kind of mini-bloccanti, which, according to the developers, is ready.

“In principle, the platform of the Loom is a platform for developers that simplifies the creation of scalable applications on the blockchain,” explained head of business development Loom Network Michael Cullinan (Michael Cullinan).

It is worth noting that Loom Network, which raised $25 million in a private sale of tokens, uses a different approach from other projects of scale.

When a developer creates a new program, Loom Network is launching a new blockchain — a kind of “sidechained” that is made specifically for this application, and then connects to the Ethereum blockchain.

Sydeny Loom Network specifically designed to scale, expand the capacity of the main Ethereum.

However, there are some nuances. Callinan admitted that their project “will not enjoy the same level of security as the Ethereum”.

This is due to the fact that at the moment sydeny centralized and under the control Loom Network. Not every action is sent to the Ethereum blockchain, some of them will track the Loom.

“Commenting or changing your profile image does not require security main Ethereum chain,” explains Cullinan. — “It will happen on a sidechained”.

Such a centralized approach in the world of blockchain not new. RSK and even CryptoKitties are examples of centralized currently projects, although the developers hope that with technological progress, over time they will be able to decentralize.

Nevertheless Loom Network — the first draft of the scalability of Ethereum, who began working with a more centralized model.

At the moment the platform is in closed beta, available to a select few developers of Ethereum. However, in the near future the team intends to open source the code so that more developers can test it for bugs.