The Creator of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer (Jackson Palmer) believes that 2018 will be the year of forks. He told this in an interview with CoinTelegraph.

Palmer predicts a glut in the market of cryptocurrency, digital assets and tokens, to the extent that “their value and inherent practicality, on the contrary, will tend to zero.” In his opinion, this is due to the wrong attitude towards cryptocurrencies and DLT in principle, and the problem has been brewing for years:

“Unfortunately, it seems that many of the negative things that were already evident in 2013, has only intensified in the current community. For the most part, the recent growth of interest in technology is not caused by its ability to solve real problems or practical benefits, but rather solely by a desire to make easy money. Of course, this is not a sustainable trend, but we’ve all seen literally thousands of projects unwound solely on attention, energized by greed.”

The Palmer is already retired — because of the crypto community. Currently he works as a product Manager in the Bay Area and leads an educational channel on cryptocurrency and related topics on YouTube. His work in Dogecoin former developer says: “even If it (Dogecoin — approx. CoinMarket.News) the existence of or its history will enrich rational, factual thought was full of hype kriptonyte, so it was worth it.”

According to Palmer, Dogecoin is now busy with the massive code update to improve performance and security. The last such upgrade, according to Palmer, was held in the year 2015.

Finally, Palmer said that the problem is not just the greed of investors and executives CryptoStream, and excessive passion of the developers of the technology itself.

“It’s important to distributed registries and the blockchain technology has ceased to be an innovative solution to the eternal search of problems, and instead bring real benefits to society. […] Durable, the important technology in this world is technology with a human face, not a way to get a Lamborgini for the lucky youths”.

The last sentiment is not accidental: Dogecoin known for holding charity events and General social orientation. Last summer representatives of the company handed out branded socks for the homeless, and collected for the poor inhabitants of Brazil’s more than 200 liters of milk.