According to Omni Explorer, althin Tether, backed by Fiat currencies USD and EUR on Tuesday 20 March issued another 300 million tokens USDT at a price of $1 per token.

Earlier, in mid-February, Tether released on the blockchain Ethereum (ETH) EURT provided 86 million Euro 61.1 million and USDT is the us dollar.

Bitfinex’ED, the anonymous blogger and avid critic of the Tether, has published today a post on Twitter in which he said that the release of such a large number of Tether caused a rise in the price of BTC:

“$300 000 000 new TETHERS in one day. The biggest issue fraudulent and untested tokens Tether in history. Oh look, bitcoin rebounded today. That’s a surprise. The first new Tethers since they fired their auditor”.

300 million Tether was released on Tuesday at 21:51 Moscow time. The jump in BTC, though not significant, happened about the same time.

At the head of Bitfinex, which is the fifth crypto-exchange in a 24-hour volume on CoinMarketCap, are the same people who run Tether. This relationship has drawn sharp criticism in the direction of the exchange and token for the apparent lack of transparency, as the company has not conducted an external audit of its monetary reserve.

Recall that in late January, the Tether has terminated the contract with its auditor before was carried out the expected test. A few days after this came the news that the us Commission on commodity futures trading (CFTC) began an investigation in relation to Bitfinex and Tether.

The study, conducted last month, showed that, although the Tether potential in the Puerto Rican Bank sufficient cash reserves to back the tokens Tether, but the company needs to reform their procedures KYC/AML or it risks being closed.