Telegram Open Network narrowed the number of potential investors: in addition to the accreditation the company to invest in blockchain Pavel Durov, no person involved in the sanctions lists of the USA, the UK, the EU and the UN Security Council. This is with reference to own sources reports RBC.

This requirement is stipulated in the standard agreement on purchase of Gram tokens between the Telegram and the investor. In addition, to participate in the ICO will not be resident or temporarily residing in the territories in respect of which was adopted sanctions. This list on the standard contract includes the Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea and Syria. The ban applies not only to the investors themselves, but also their immediate family.

All potential investors will have to undergo KYC (know your customer — “know your customer”) to confirm compliance with the requirements on combating criminal activity Telegram Group Inc. This requires a notarized passport copy, proof of residence, recommendations from the Bank etc.

The contract also noted that the token buyer may not use them to violate the sanctions regime or money laundering.

“Any illegal use of the cryptocurrency Gram unscrupulous parties may violate adopted in the UK, USA and other countries regulations aimed at combating the funding of terrorism and money laundering. This can seriously affect the global reputation TON Blockchain”, — stated in the Annex to the agreement.

Earlier it was reported that in closed rounds. ICO Telegram will bring together investors, specially selected funds iTechCapital and Da Vinci Capital. Additional restrictions at that time were not yet known. Telegram has not said whether to monitor suspicious transactions through its own blockchain.