SBI Bank LLC, a Russian commercial Bank, owned by Japanese financial giant SBI Holdings, joins a new York banking consortium, R3.

On Friday, the Bank announced that it will join a financial group to help the development of the DLT platform R3 is called Sole and the promotion of cross-sectoral implementation of blockchain technology.

“We consider blackany as the core of financial technological innovation and are taking various measures in Japan and abroad. Through these efforts, we believe we can contribute to the progress of the global blockchain development-field,” — said representatives of the group.

Recall that earlier this month a member of R3, was the Russian Alfa-Bank is the first domestic company that entered into this Union.

It should be noted that this step also forms part of SBI Holdings regarding blockchain technology. So two months ago, the company acquired 40% shares of the manufacturer of cryptocurrency wallets Coolwallet. Shortly before the Japanese banking group registered as a financial Supervisory authority in the country to launch a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency, which is currently at the stage of public release.

Also, the Bank collaborated with the start-up Ripple in the experiment to facilitate cross-border blockchain payments made between financial uchrezhdeniyami.