In the network appeared the new fork of ccminer miner open source for cryptocurrency Ravencoin (RVN). The miner under the name miner nevermore has improved stability as compared with the original ccMiner 2.2.5 c support algorithm X16r, and about the same performance with a fork of ccMiner 1.03 Enemy. So if you are afraid of using miners closed source, you may want to try to compile nevermore 0.1 to suit your needs. Tests show that the hash rate stays roughly the same as that of the “closed” ccMiner Enemy.

It is worth noting that there are official compiled version of the new miner for Linux, and Windows. They are compiled with CUDA support 9.0, but in these binaries sewn the Commission of the developer in the 1%. Thus, if you want, you can increase the percentage of “thanks” to the developers using the command line. If you do not want to pay any fees, you will have to collect nevermore miner from source.