Company Bitmain continues to develop and announce a new ASIC miners for different cryptocurrencies. So, the manufacturer introduced a new model called Antminer B3, which is designed for mining very new coins Bytom (BTM).

It is reported that the cost of new asik will be about $ 2,700, and his speed was 780 hashes per second with power consumption of 360 Watts. Delivery of equipment started yesterday, however, the first batch is limited to the amount of 2.5 thousand pieces. Given that the coin has started only 2 days ago, mining with AAV can be very profitable. In addition, Bitmain appears on the site Bytom in the section partners.

Note that since BTM is first started until a soft-miner is only available for mining coins on the CPU. Mine this token with graphics cards, be it AMD or Nvidia, will not work simply because this software yet. And given the launch of ASIC miners, meaning the extraction of Bytom processors not too much. Maybe GPU mine this coin will be unprofitable — view after the appearance of appropriate software.