Dan Marched (Dan Morehead), CEO of hedge Fund Pantera Capital Management LP believes bitcoin is a necessary element of the investment portfolio of captainvalor.

In an interview with Bloomberg Television Morad reported that 10% of their investments Pantera sent to BTC. However, the Fund has high hopes for the Icon, a massive decentralized network of selected blackany and providing their interaction.

Morad believes that bitcoin stabiliziruemost and will reach a new historical high within 12 months. With the increasing number of digital assets and their extensive introduction of capitalization of the cryptocurrency market, he said, could rise from $400 billion to $4 trillion. Even the increase to $40 trillion “quite possible,” he says.

“But it’s forecast to ten years,” said Morad. “Such a night will not happen”.

Over the past two years on the market there are hundreds of cryptocurrency hedge funds seeking to capitalize on highly volatile assets and blockchain technology. Interest from financial institutions has also increased, despite the initially bad reputation of virtual currencies. Now that quotes bitcoin, albeit slowly, but steadily, Pantera maintains a positive expectation.

“We are definitely on the side of the bulls. We believe that the market is now much lower, perhaps on the order of magnitude or even two, the actual real value of the blockchain”.

Many early predictions Dan Morgado came true. So, Pantera created a special newsletter to its customers, urging them to prepare for buying BTC shortly before his course had dropped to $6500. In December last year, during the peak of quotations of the asset, Marched warned bidders that bitcoin will lose at least half its value in early 2018.

He also said that the Fund plans to increase investment in cryptocurrency over the next 18 months. The main motivation for Pantera were numerous listings of futures for BTC and aldaine, as well as the interest of wall Street in clearing of cryptocurrency transactions.

“Any asset with a market capitalization of $400 billion a short time will be able to remain in the shadows,” said Morad.

The hedge Fund Pantera is involved not only in investing in digital assets. Head of Department of investments of the company Joey Krug (Krug Joey) created Augur is a decentralized platform for prediction markets.