Last week Mourdoukoutas Panos (Panos Mourdoukoutas), by market segment blogs by Forbes, analyzed the forecasts of experts regarding the value of BTC. Despite the significant drop in prices, some experts remain optimistic.

Marshall Teplitz (Marshall Taplits), the head of the strategic Department NYNJA * cryptocurrency market, believes that bitcoin will beat its own record:

“To talk about the cost is always difficult. But for bitcoin trend is one of growth — up to $20 000 in 10 years. The media turns every time the value of BTC is aligned. And those who have been watching cryptomnesia, you know what should be put in $30 000”.

Chief operating officer LocalCoinSwap Daniel Worsley (Daniel Worsley) also belongs to the bullish camp.

“There is no network, checked so many tests, as the Bitcoin blockchain,” he says. “He has to compete with serious rivals and many attacks… He survived all the attacks. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw the quotes in excess of $20 000 this year. Considering the established negative press and the expected trend of increasing, only need a pair of positive circumstances to see the train started”.

On the other hand, the bears are convinced that bitcoin is a transitory mania, predicting a significant drop. As soon as the offer (created in this case Althingi) exceeds the demand, the quotations BTC could fall to $1000. This is the conclusion the skeptics came to, based on the assessment of the actual cost of one bitcoin at $1142.

However, they recognize that it will take time. “Rational behavior and expectations balanced enough to prevent bubbles and to ensure relevant equality and actual costs of the asset,” said Christos Giannikos (Christos Giannikos), Professor of Economics at Baruch College.

The fact that the growth bubble of bitcoin is historically the greatest potential, confirmed by a recent study by Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Experts, however, financial institutions are not sure that this will necessarily lead to collapse.