According to Bitfinex, the bitcoin price reached a 10-day low of $9 400, while the largest crypto currency exchange Wppsi froze withdrawals because of “unauthorized marketing”.

The fall of bitcoin more than 10% occurred amid rumors that the exchange was hacked Binance.

A few traders reported that this platform performed unauthorized orders from their accounts, which caused a 400% pump little-known alithina Viacoin.

“What’s going on! Binance just sold all my oldoini at the market rate, and now I have only bitcoin. This is due to the fact that the account is hacked or you have problems with the bot binance?”, — posted on the official page Binance Reddit one of the users.

After some time the same user added:

“My account is all gone. Now even bitcoin disappeared. It was used to buy some coin Via”.

Other users expressed similar concerns for their cryptosporidia.

Binance data indicate that about 325 000 all coin VIA was acquired with the help of orders, causing the price alithina increased by several hundred percent.

In response to the complaints of the traders moderator announced a temporary freeze on withdrawals, insisting that recorded the victim used the API keys that are typically used in shopping bots, mobile and desktop applications Binance. The exchange says that its platform was not hacked.

However, the majority of affected users said that they checked the history of the inputs under their login for evidence of unauthorized access, but have not found any suspicious activity. Also a few people added that they used two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security measure. There are those who said they had not used a trading bot. Because of this, there were rumors about the hacking of exchanges, which affected the price of bitcoins.

If traders ‘ accounts were compromised via their API keys, that could be done with the use of the phishing scheme, the attacker probably would be able to trade accounts, but not to make withdrawals. Therefore, according to some traders, he took advantage of viacoin.