OmiseGO and MakerDAO will begin working together to create a fully decentralised sustainable financial platform. OMG will provide a platform on which Maker will bring its own decentralized currency — DAI.

Unlike many alithinou, an asset Autonomous organization Maker has a stable value against the U.S. dollar, like the Tether. No jumps of quotations provides Dai Stablecoin System platform running on the Ethereum blockchain and designed to minimize the volatility of the digital currency.

In turn, the exchange OmiseGO allows the participants to freely exchange and dispose of any virtual assets. The company hopes that the use of Stablecoin will help DAI and the rest involved in the auction currency and tokens to avoid severe price fluctuations.

In addition to peg to the dollar, DAI is directly associated with assets registered in smart contracts, which ensures its production and value. For OmiseGO partnership with Maker is the first step to transfer exchange in a fully decentralized processes.

The two companies announced a partnership in corporate blogs. Team OmiseGO wrote the following:

“We are pleased to announce that DAI will appear on OMG DEX (the official name of the decentralised exchange OmiseGO — approx. CoinMarket.News). Netizens OMG will be able to store, send and participate in the auction DAI immediately with all the advantages of a stable asset without the participation and support of a third party. Due to the decentralized stablecoin and decentralized exchange, your savings will not be lost or forfeited because of an error a third-party participant, fraud or failure.”

In turn, Maker more details described joint plans of the companies:

“OmiseGO shares our desire to create a healthy ecosystem and is now in the process of developing a wallet SDK and DEX, which will be a key element of the entire user network. PoS-the OMG network will be productive and safe and provides fast transaction processing with low fees. Today, we are happy to announce the new stage of cooperation Maker and OMG”.

OMG token will be used as additional security for the release of DAI and lay a Foundation for future stages of development of the currency. To date, for emissions of the DAI can be used only air.

Omise is already involved in many successful joint programmes in South-East Asia. Last week it became known about cooperation with a startup branch of a major South Korean Bank Shinhan, and in February the company signed a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of information of Thailand.